Want a new way to fill events? Try starting a Meetup! You can create a group for free – or at least the last time I looked, for 30 days – and promote an event, seminar or workshops to increase your visibility and supplement your marketing and PR activities.

I started a meetup when I was looking to fill up a Gratitude Workshop about this time last year. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure that it would work. I created the group as an experiment to help with marketing the event. As you can imagine, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovate ways to promote my brand, so I was intrigued to see what the results might be.

To promote your small business and get additional PR, remember this about Meetups:

  • You are the expert, you lead the group, you have permission to contact members, but do it wisely and mindfully.
  • This is a Meetup not a sales page, so don’t sell, sell, sell. Consider this as a LinkedIn group where you’re all there to connect. It is not a pitch fest.
  • Use Meetups when you’re traveling to meet people in a new city, to generate interest in your product or service, or to generate leads.
  • If you’re speaking out of town, it’s also a great forum to invite people to your event, or as a way to follow up with a prospect who seems really interested.
  • Lastly, remember the purpose of Meetups. To meet, network and discuss like-minded topics.

The fact that you get a chance to build your like, know and trust factor, fill an event and position
yourself for free press is a BONUS!

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. I’m happy to tell you about my experience with
Meetups and give you some guidance on your next event. Get in touch at RobinSamora.com/contact. Talk Tomorrow.