Want to spice up your content? Hell yeah!

Tell a personal story. Write about a lesson about what you learned or talk about an ah-hah moment. This can be a stand-alone, or you can back it up with statistics and data to prove your point.

You can also solve problems for your readers. This is what my podcast and blog are all about – helping small businesses to understand and learn about marketing and trends. Do the same for your readers. Educate them. What do they want to know about? Tell them.

Take a stale topic and add a fresh spin. Look at some things that are old school or stereotyped in your industry. Then figure out a way to give them a fresh perspective or show how it’s changed over time. Why is it different or better now?

Clarify a confusing topic in your industry.  What’s a question you’re always answering? People are probably searching for it, so write a blog about it or create an explainer video. You’ll be surprised when you pop up in search results.

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