Fandom is a subculture that’s brought together by a common interest, which is hopefully your brand. Think of brands people are obsessed with. But fandom goes a little deeper than that. People align themselves with the brand and its values, creating ultimate brand loyalty.

Why is this important? You can build a business and create fandom through your employees.

One of the best current examples of fandom is with the Aldi Nerd Community on Facebook. With more than 700,000 members, these people come together to talk about products, culture and different situations that happen at the Aldi discount grocery chain. Most people in the group love that the brand offers good prices with a “twice as nice guarantee.” Never mind that they don’t have everything you need and that you have to bag your own groceries; they live and die by Aldi.

This is the type of fandom you want. But how do you get it? To start, create fandom with your employees. They need to love their job and the company they work for. So, create a workplace where people want to be. Have a culture that’s fun. Make each employee feel like their job is important, and they’re the best person to do it. Don’t treat them like they’re replaceable.

What else can you do to create fandom? Be kind. Offer better than average benefits and other perks. Take an interest in their personal lives. Give them an opportunity for ongoing training and chances for advancement. Involve them in decision-making for the company — even letting employees contribute to small decisions makes them feel valued.

Ultimately, your relationship with employees trickles down to their interactions with your customer. You don’t want your staff to come off as they’re just here to earn a paycheck and go home. Their passion and brand loyalty will become infectious, good or bad, with everyone they meet.

Employees really are your best brand advocates. Empower them to be your top fans.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Build a base of raving fans who love your business. Be authentic. Want ideas? Contact me at Talk tomorrow!