Wondering how to create stronger connections with your customers?

They’re videos that help your audience relate to you on an emotional level.  The best videos on social media show that you truly care about your customers, and what they want, need, and can use. They’re about building deep relationships.

Let’s look at the HERO system developed by Matt Johnson, a well-known video marketing expert. HERO is an acronym for hook, empathy, response and over-deliver.

 Use the HERO System to Create Stronger Connections with Social Video

  1. First hook your audience by causing an emotional reaction in the first few seconds of the video. You want to stop people dead in their tracks before they move on. If you have amazing footage, don’t wait until the end to show it; put it right up front. A headline with great copy can also strike an emotional chord. Test out your headline for Emotional Marketing Value.
  2. Then evoke empathy. Choose stories that show how you identify with your viewers on an emotional level, then invite them to do the same. People share and engage with content based on how they react emotionally. Here’s where you need to break down your own walls, and be vulnerable and transparent. Being “you” builds trust and believability.
  3. Response is where the “share” happens. Front-load your video with really eye-catching or emotional footage. If your video connects with your viewers, chances are they’ll hit “share” before they even watch the rest of the video. They’ll come back to finish if they liked it.
  4. Lastly, over-deliver. Add an extra layer of value, maybe a personal perspective to your content. Exceed their expectations. Show that you care and want to help them. All of this together makes you the HERO.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Plan for success even if you’re stuck at home. Have a question on how to ramp up your business again? Reach out. I’m at Robin@RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!