Do you ever feel a little lost about what to wear at a speaking gig, when all eyes are on you?  While it varies by industry, here are some basic rules to follow.

This is a guestestimate, but I’d say dress three steps above your audience, but do it with style. If your audience will be wearing jeans and t-shirts, wear jeans and a fabulous jacket. You want to fit in, but stand out.

Remember, in most cases, your audience is there to see you and hear what you have to say. They also want to be like you, an expert on stage. So they’ll be paying attenion. Your energy will be noticed first, next your clothes, and ladies lastly your shoes, especially if you’re on a stage. Men, too. So take those stickers or price tags off the bottom of your shoes if you’re on a panel and crossing your legs — really!

Dress in something that makes you feel good, something you love, that makes you feel confident. And don’t be afraid of getting the help of a personal stylist or image consultant who understands what looks good on your body type — and is appropriate for your industry. That’s their expertise, just like you have yours, and it’s worth every penny! With so many photos or videos uploaded to social media, you want to look your best. Take my word on this one.

Me? I like wearing dresses and have a closet full. Mostly colorful, flattering, easy to clean, and I buy them when I see them, especially on sale, but not always. I have a stylist who trained me on what to buy, and I’ve made the decision to go back to her every year, because I like what she picks out and it makes a difference — in how I look and feel.

This is Robin Samora with he Fast Marketing Minute. What do you wear as a presenter? I’d be happy to help you choose your next speaking outfit. Send me a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at RobinSamoraPR. Or better yet, email me at I’d love to help you (and it’s fun). Talk tomorrow!