Want to get new business in the door? Here’s how to do it with Google My Business.

  1. Answer questions ASAP. Yes, people can ask you questions through Google My Business. Set up email notifications, or better yet download the app on your phone so you never miss a question. The person asking a question could be a potential customer and if you respond quickly, you could gain his or her business.
  2. Make sure you fill out all the details about your business. Include your hours, phone number and choose your precise category information. Make it easy for people to find you and contact you. You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have this info on their GMB listings.
  3. Add photos of your store front, so people know what to look for when they’re trying to find you. Sure, Google probably has one, but the one your take will be better. Way better, actually.
  4. You’ll also want to add photos of your products. You could have just what someone needs. Showing what you sell at a glance may make you the first and only stop to buy.
  5. Post about events, including sales, at your store. If someone searches for “events nearby” your will pop up in the search. That’s what you’re looking for.
  6. Lastly, post about nearby attractions. For example, if you own a sandwich shop near a museum, you could have a post about grabbing some lunch after exploring the latest   exhibit. People often look at what’s nearby on Google maps, so catch their attention with a specific post.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. I think that Google My Business is one of the greatest publicity tools out there. If you need an opinion on your page, reach out. I’m at Robin@RobinSamora.com  Talk tomorrow!