Hosting an event is still an important part of a company’s small business PR strategy. But how do you simplify the event marketing process with so many variables.

The Reader’s Digest Version of Marketing Your Event 

1. List your event
Eventbrite, Facebook, Meetup. These are just a few places to list your event to reach the highest number of people in your target audience. Make sure to include tags, a detailed description of the event and links to your website and social channels. This allows you the opportunity to connect with guests before they arrive.

2. Write a description that makes you want to attend
As you write your event description, think about the purpose of the event. If it’s about small business marketing, appeal to people who think it’s critical to get a leg up on the competition. Be clear in your copy who should be interested. Write to your target audience. Know what they want, why they want to come, and what they’ll get out of it.

3. Be strategic with your email list
If you have an email list? Awesome. If you have a segmented email list? That’s even better. Email marketing strategy for small business should never be underestimated. And it’s powerful for event marketing. Even if you don’t have a list, start one with people who sign up, and plan to stay in touch with them. You’re building like, know, trust and believability.

4. Create the perfect hashtag
Hashtags build anticipation and help the event get discovered online. Encourage anyone who plans to attend or post on social media to use your particular hashtag.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. I‘m a small business marketing and PR expert and write marketing and publicity plans. If you’re wondering what