Even if you apply to be a verified business on Instagram, getting that little blue checkmark isn’t a given. So how do you encourage the approval stamp?

Here are 6 tips to help you get verified on Instagram

  1. Cross promote your content on other platform accounts. Share your posts to Facebook. Invite your LinkedIn and Twitter following to follow you on Instagram.

  2. Grow your following and post things that get high engagement. Be active on your account every day. Well, almost every day if you can.

  3. Don’t be tempted to buy followers though. It’s spammy and Instagram knows that you aren’t actually popular in the Himalayan mountains.

  4. Confirm that your account is public. Private accounts can’t get verified. Neither will accounts that have zero earned media. Being visible on the internet to everyone is the best way to get verified.

  5. Boost your visibility through trending hashtags and industry-specific hashtags. This will also help with growing your following and engagement.

  6. And lastly, be honest and stick to one account. Each user can only have one verified account, so choose the one that best represents your brand, whether that’s your business or personal profile. I’m all about using your true personality on Instagram.  Please don’t lie or be misleading in your verification application. If you do, you may get suspended instead of verified. And that would be a problem.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Would you like a quick online visibilty check?  Go to RobinSamora.com and schedule some time. Talk tomorrow!