The best way to go viral with your content is to stay on the beat with what’s happening in the world. Follow the news. Check trending hashtags and social media. Watch what the big brands in your industry are posting. You also may want to set up a Feedly account to see what journalists are writing about to stay up to date in your industry. I love Feedly and use it all the time as a digital library and news source.

Once you look at what’s going on in the news, in your region or industry, get a sense of how this looks through your brand lens to figure out how piggy back on it. Newsjacking is about using what’s trending in the news and putting yourself or your company in the picture. The media loves contrarians. Give a different viewpoint or create an industry spin.

Remember, the media loves content, and if it’s current and offers valuable information — all the better. Write a tip sheet about the problem or issue with solutions, and include a numbered or bulleted list, which is brief, easy to read, and targeted to the publication’s readers or viewers. Everybody loves lists — including Google.

Newsjacking takes some practice, but it works, if you know how to work it. Once you’re published, share it on your business and personal social platforms. Also, include the correct hashtags related to your business and the trending topic. Hootsuite has a great blog that I’m linking to here in my Fast Marketing Minute notes, but you can check out hashtagsforlikes, plus there are others you can find online.

Remember that if you’re a local business, you may not go viral nationally, but going viral locally is just as valuable — if not more valuable — because you’re reaching your target audience. And, that’s the goal, right? Use the media to maximize your brand for zero dollars.

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