Google has more than 200 indicators that determine SEO, but the top three should be no major surprise. Do you know what they are to rank higher on Google?

First is content. Creating lots of valuable content on a consistent basis that provides value to readers is extremely important. Make sure your content has a clear purpose and lets your audience know who you are and what you do, without any question.

What you write about should be relevant to your target market, answer specific questions, and include keywords that people will actually search for. Someone who’s browsing on the web probably won’t be searching for “60-minute shiatsu.” They’re going to look up “back massage near me”, so keep your copy clear and concise. No jargon.

Second is metadata which in short, describes your content.  Be sure to fill in all your page titles, meta descriptions, and tags. Create snippets that are highly searchable, and describe the content by adding information that’s unique to each page. Some website platforms have this feature built in. If you’re on WordPress, I like using Yoast to create custom snippets. Plus, you get other SEO tips — and the free version works perfectly fine.

The third most important factor for getting better SEO is website performance, which is basically the load time. Faster is better, but don’t sacrifice quality to get there. How can you have the fastest website? Adjust image size and resolution for the web. There are apps that can help with this like, Smush for WordPress. Use a reputable web host that can handle high traffic times and also enable website caching.

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