People always ask me, what are the hot promotional products right now?

A branded water bottle never goes out of style. Whether it has an insert to infuse fruit or it’s a heavy-duty insulated travel mug, people always sipping and hydrating. And health-conscious clients never have enough.

While cheap tote bags are over-done, othe types of reusable bags are popular, like lunch bags, travel duffels, cooler bags and backpacks. These types of branded bags will get used with purpose instead of getting folded up and forgotten in someone’s trunk. Worse, thrown out. We can’t let that happen.

Popsockets were popular for a while, but rings are used more now. They’re less bulky. You can still print your logo on the sticky pad.

Power banks continue to be the rage, but it’s common to give them away. Now, you can get power banks in custom shapes. Choose something that fits your brand. People will LOVE them and think they’re awesome. I just saw one that looked like a mini beer bottle being given away by a brewery.

The best promo gift to give away will always be something that fits your brand though. A yoga studio could give away mats. If you specialize in beauty, give away branded lip balms. A salon could give away their own blend of a body creme. Choose something that will remind your clients of you in a way that says — yes, I’m glad to be doing business with you.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Tell me about your most successful promo item giveaway. You can find me on  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at RobinSamoraPR. Oh,

and ask me about my favorite promo products vendor. Her name is Rachel Leone at Leone Marketing. Talk tomorrow.