Do you know about MessageTribes? It’s a text subscription service. Influencers can create a group and invite their followers who have to pay to subscribe to the group. The owner has a private text channel and receives monthly subscription fees, less a cut that the platform takes

So why would anyone sign up for Message Tribe? Because it’s like an exclusive club. Influencers text their subscriber’s exclusive content, inside scoops and maybe even special sales that only subscribers can get access to.

You can post things directly, send texts, images, or even a spreadsheet with MessageTribes. It’s easy to upload information and MessageTribes will schedule the texts for you, even months in advance. The important thing is that you’re texting valuable content often, so that you don’t lose subscribers because you’re keeping them engaged.

If you have a personal brand with a large following, you can use this service to help create another revenue stream. You can tweak and customize what you’re already posting on social to provide a higher value to text subscribers. You have a captive audience who is paying to receive your information, so make sure that you understand what they want — and deliver it.

If Message Tribes doesn’t fit your brand, there’s still something to learn from this idea. Getting someone to follow you on social media or sign up for your mailing list requires a personal time investment from them. They think you’re worth their time, so you need to create valuable content to share with them, so they don’t hit the “unfollow” or “unsubscribe” button.

In a nutshell, Message Tribes is a platform to create your own messaging service. It gives you an opportunity to create a steady stream of income. You can manage the service yourself or have a VA help you. And, you can submit posts via a webform or a spreadsheet template and edit posts, up to 24 hours before posting time.

Sounds interesting, right?

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