Would you like to build better relationships with your customers? Think about building trust with social media. Here’s how:

5 Ways Social Media Improves Customer Trust

1. Build strong communication skills. Think about what your customers want to hear from you. What kind of questions are they asking? Find out from your sales team, check social media or even scroll Q & A platforms like Quora. When you talk with them, use language they’ll understand. Skip the small talk and jargon.

2. Stop talking and start listening. You might think you know what your customers want, but their needs are always changing. Check your data for insight into common concerns, pain points, their goals and interests. Apps like Sprout Social and Hootsuite Insights can tell you what customers are saying about you and your competition. Are you listening?

3. Be authentic and share your story. Produce content that highlights your values and brings attention to what makes your company special. Offer useful information like how-to guides and product demonstrations. Don’t make it always about selling, especially now. Helping is the new selling.

4. Create relationships with your customers. Give them an excellent on-site experience, but don’t ignore them after they’ve make a purchase. Follow up with offers tailor-made for them. What would they like? Look for suggestions based on their previous purchases and buying history.

5. Share happy feedback. Every time you earn a five-star review or get a message from a delighted customer, sing it from the rooftops. Re-share tweets, blogs, pictures and other content that your customers post. Let them become advocates for your brand. It’s the best kind of promotion and referral marketing out there.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Check out my website for a ton of ideas on how to use social media to grow your business. Visit my website, RobinSamora.com. Set up time to talk if you like too!