Marketing your business is an ever-changing process. That’s because your brand continually changes to meet your customer’s needs. To stay current, you should periodically check in and reevaluate whether your brand accurately reflects where you are in your business now, and where you want to go.

How do you do that? The first step is to conduct a small business brand audit because both you and your brand can change through the years

Here’s how to audit your small business brand

  1. Start by taking a look at your brand name. Does it still represent what you do and want to do? Sometimes, you can start out doing one thing and evolve into something else, as your client base changes, and you do, too.
  2. Next, look at your logo. Does it help tell your story? Evaluate your colors, the fonts you picked, and any images or graphics that are part of your visual brand. Does it say what your organization is all about?
  3. Consider the layout of your logo. Just because you’ve chosen certain colors and fonts, doesn’t mean that you’re good to go. You have to tie them all together to truly create brand recognition.
  4. The last thing is to create a brand style guide that shows how all of the various elements of your brand interact with each other. This guide is extremely valuable as you grow your business and provides you with consistent guidelines for anyone reproducing your brand’s name or images.

I’m Robin Samora with Fast Marketing Minute. Plan for success in everything that you do. And that includes your marketing. Have a question on how to make your marketing plan more effective? Reach out. I’m at Talk tomorrow!