Want to be recognized as a credible expert? Be a resource to the media. It takes time and trust to build a relationship with the press, but it’s worth it. Follow the rules and offer interesting content, insider tips and news leads that aren’t always about you. Reporters are under tight deadlines and appreciate having a list of go-to sources. Be available 24/7 for a comment or interview, give your cell phone number, and never ask to see a story before it’s published – unless they offer for a fact check.

So, how do you become a resource? Craft a brand and brand personality that stands out. Promote your expertise. Create compelling, consistent content. Be an influencer or thought leader in your industry. Speak in front of your target audience. Be active on social media and share articles, videos, posts that align with your message. Contribute in a way that gets attention. And of course, have a website that tells the world what you do – and the problems you solve and what you believe in.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. I’m a new marketing expert on WiseHER.com, a platform that helps entrepreneurs with advice.  You can check me out there or reach me at RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!