Want to be a social media influencer? First you need to find your niche. This should be a highly targeted audience, not just moms 25-34. You also need to look at their values. What do they believe in? What’s important to them? Zero in on exactly who you’re talking to and why. And, be as specific as possible.

While most people think influencers are only on Instagram, there are plenty of influencers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. Instagram definitely has the highest number, but if a different platform suits your brand and your audience, use that channel instead. Just keep your content and target market in mind when you make your final decision.

Next, create your content strategy, remembering your business goals, keywords, and what topics will speak to your audience. Customize your message for each platform and research when and how your target market is using them. It’s a given, for example, that most people use social media on their phones and high-use times are usually lunch time and after dinner. Get deeper into your audience. 

Remember that video content is the most watched. And people love how-to’s, so a short video tutorial that’s not too complicated, may be perfect.

The last step is to engage and keep growing your audience. Always answer your followers’ comments and interact with some of their content, too. One of the best ways I’ve found to grow your following is through blogging. Just be sure that if you share content, it’s what your target market wants to read or watch. Guest blogging or guest video appearances will help you get attention too, plus add important backlinks. 

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