Smart marketers understand that marketing and PR should be like best friends or sisters. How can you better align your marketing plan with PR?  Listen in.

PR Complements a Marketing Plan

If you’ve invested the time to create a marketing plan, then PR should be part of it. It’s an important part of outreach with the ultimate goal to create a buzz around your business. PR is a complementary marketing strategy because it helps meet the same business goals, only with different tactics.

Getting Earned Mention Helps Meet Marketing Goals

Your marketing team is probably busy looking at the results of different campaigns and how to get better results. PR can help those efforts with social PR or getting mention from influencers, or by influencing industry journalists to cover what’s new. Marketing and PR each have their own goals, but you have to learn how to evaluate your marketing plan and your PR plan, too to see that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Marketing Directs Digital PR Tactics 

Digital PR or social PR tactics can range from media releases, video, social media campaigns, targeted media drips, or answering HARO requests, or getting published on LinkedIn, to name a few. Both marketing and PR let your top prospects, clients, email subscribers and fans – and the media — know what you’re up to. That ultimately separates you from your competitors and makes you more press worthy.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. I‘m a small business marketing consultant in Boston. If you’re wondering what a marketing plan and PR plan, plus training can do for your business, visit me at then schedule a call. Talk soon!