Want to create sponsored content that doesn’t look salesy? Here’s how.

While some savvy social media users can smell a sponsored ad a mile away, not every post needs to look so promotional. Here’s how to combine exciting sponsored content that’s engaging without looking too salesy.

Create Value, Not Just Content 

Before you post anything, ask yourself, “Will my followers find this valuable?” If the answer is no, it’s time to retool it. Make your followers’ lives easier by solving a problem or teaching them something new. Combine entertainment, humor, and trending topics to make the sponsored content practically sell itself.

Add More Variety

Variety is the spice of sponsored content, which in turn attracts a variety of audiences. If you’re posting about top restaurants, try adding images of food with cityscapes to appeal to different audiences who may be interested in travel and not just food.

 Pick Your Platform Wisely

Depending on the type of post you’re creating, one platform might be better for your content than another. If you have a younger audience who is hooked on video, post on TikTok or YouTube. Go where your audience is most likely to be.

Vet Your Sponsors

Before you create sponsored content together, check your partner’s website’s domain authority score to see if they’re worth your partnership. There are plenty of online checkers that will analyze websites for you, including Moz Domain Analysis. A website with a high score means they have an engaged audience who frequents their site, which you can rely on to see your post.

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