I just bought a book by Jason McDonald; Marketing: Ultimate Almanac of Free Marketing Tools 2019. The reason I picked it up was that it had two keywords that piqued my interest. Marketing and free. Now you know, I love those words.

In the content marketing section, there were two tools that caught my eye:

The first was GROUP HIGH.

If you’re looking to find blogger’s contact information, emails, research blog posts, or identify influencers this is a great site. When I last checked, there was a 7-day free trial – a freemium, then it goes to premium. I haven’t signed up for the trial yet, but from a quick look at the video and dashboard, it looks like you can save a ton of time, money and resources.

The second was IGHOME.

On IGHOME you can set up a customized web page and pull content from news sources, industry publications, blogs, and more. It also works to pre-curate content – the first step in creating your editorial calendar. On the home page, enter your keywords; In my case, “What are common marketing questions”? This was a great experiment because it provided marketing questions people want answers to, and can work as an idea generator.

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