Want attention from influencers so they can jump on your brandwagon? Why not? It’s not as difficult as you think. Research your industry to see who’s top of mind on social media, leaders you relate to, and who have something important to say. You can also check out tools like Buzzsumo for recent influencer stats. Or, take 10 minutes to pop around Google to find them.

Here’s How to Get Attention from Influencers   Not sure if all headlines are bold

  1. Comment on influencer’s posts. Ask questions that are well thought out. You can also add insight or discuss an experience that backs up or relates to your point or theirs. If an influencer sees you enough times commenting and adding value, they’ll start to pay attention.
  2. Everyone loves social media engagement. Share their posts. Retweet or #repost. Add your own thoughts to the post and make sure you mention them. Influencers are people who want to build a base of raving fans too.
  3. Write about one of your favorite influencers or use them as inspiration for a post or blog or article. When you post it, be sure to tag the influencer. One example might be writing about advice that you took from them and how it turned out. After you post, they’ll likely thank you, which gives you an opportunity to start a conversation, even if it’s just a comment or two on Instagram. If they really love your post, they may share it on their own social platform or feature it on their website.
  4. Look for an opportunity to help an influencer. If you notice a broken link, or have a helpful idea about their brand or promoting it, or see a really unflattering picture of them on social, send them a DM to let them know. Be helpful, not annoying, and don’t expect anything in return. The influencer will always remember you as the guy who pointed out the booger hanging out of their nose in a selfie — discreetly. I’m kidding, kinda. Hey, I’d want to know.

Influencers are people just like you who want to build their brand.

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