Some of you listening might be consultants out there, and from time to time get pushback about your pricing. First thing I’d like to say, is hello — you’re worth it. Second thing, make sure you’re not using the word ‘rates’ in your proposals. Instead, use the word ‘fee’. Rates are by the hour and as a consultant you’re not necessarily getting paid hourly. You bring a whole lot more to the table and deserve to reap all the benefits of all your hard work for a professional fee.

Here’s another tip to get higher fees.

Instead of writing the word ‘training’ in your contract, you’ll receive a higher perceived value if you use the phrase – strategic work session. This positions you to charge more. Everybody and his brother does training, but if you offer strategic work sessions, you’re seen as more as a subject matter expert – who absolutely demands more.

In upcoming Fast Marketing Minutes, I’ll be reviewing all kinds of strategies where you can gain expert status, credibility and visibility, online and offline, so you can charge what you’re worth — and have more financial freedom.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. Join me in changing the way you perceive yourself and how others perceive you, because ultimately, what you perceive is what you believe. Connect with me on LinkedIn (at) RobinSamora to learn more about how you can position yourself as a subject matter expert. Just be sure to tell me where we met. Talk tomorrow!