Are you leading a team in uncertain times? Here are three ways to lead through the fear.

Everyone reacts to change differently and as a leader you need to be prepared for that. Some of your team might be paralyzed with anxiety, others who seem the most solid, may be heading toward a meltdown. What you need to know is that depending on life experiences, acceptance isn’t the same for everyone, nor is timing.

Typically, when people are afraid, they tend to go into survivor mode, thinking the worst can happen. They could be afraid to lose their jobs, get sick, or worry about their families. Everyone is afraid of something different, and a lot of it is based on their past. As a leader in times of high uncertainty, it’s important to talk with your team about the things you can control, not what you can’t.

In times of crisis, who can you depend on? You might be surprised. Look people who are calm and levelheaded to support you. All effective leaders have a plan. A plan calms fears and lets your team know that you’re prepared for the challenge. Your team will appreciate that and respect your honesty. They’ll also have confidence in you.

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