Think surveys are pointless? Hang on before you say yes. Find out how you can leverage marketing and PR value from them.

How to Leverage Marketing Value from Surveys

Blog it. Write a blog post for your own website about your survey results. This will serve as the foundation for all your social and mainstream media outreach. Everything else you do should link back to this primary source.

Design it. Create an infographic about your survey results. People love visuals and they’re a compelling way to deliver information. They also get lots of attention on social media. Include a link back to your blog to maximize your return.

Publish it. Write an article on Linkedin or Medium. Don’t just copy your blog, write an entirely new article that can reach a much wider audience and even go viral. This can be a short teaser that compels people to click over to your original blog post for more details.

Video it. Create an informative video about the results of your survey. Keep it no more than two minutes and include captions, since most people usually have their sound off.

Pitch it. Tell the media about your survey findings. Tools like Cision and MuckRack can help you build media lists or you can create your own by searching for recent articles related to your survey topic. Write a powerful subject line to hook a reporter’s attention, then follow up with your most important finding and why your organization is a credible source.

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