Have you ever been ready to jump on a video call, webinar or Facebook Live and thought, “geesh, that’s not what I thought I looked like in the mirror!” Believe it or not, there’s a science to looking good on video — especially when it’s up-close-and-personal.

Here are some quick tips to look your best.

Wear an outfit that fits your brand personality and is in line with your industry. If you wouldn’t normally wear a business suit at a meeting, don’t do it on camera either. Be authentic — true to who you are.

Clothing really does make a difference, so best advice is to go simple. Avoid prints. They can be distracting and clash with your background. Another tip is to stay away from high-contrast colors.

Camera placement is super important too. Chances are your desk is at waist-level. Great for typing but really bad for your chin. Use a high counter or stack your laptop on some books. You want your webcam to be at eye level. Make sure you look at your camera and not your screen when you’re talking.

Next is lighting.  If you want the best results, close the blinds (if you have them) and set up a couple of desk lamps behind your camera or laptop. Put them on either side of your screen and point them toward your face, so you don’t get any weird shadows.

And as we all know, practice makes perfect-ish. Do a few test runs to find the best lighting, camera placement, and outfit for your next presentation. Then, record it, so you can watch yourself. You may love it, you my hate it, but it’s all part of the process.

This is Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Invite me to your next webinar, so I learn more about you and see how you apply these tips. Email me at robin@robinsamora.com. Talk tomorrow!