Ready for new clients? Listen for 5 ways to Master Client Attraction.

We’re all in this together and doing business in the New Normal. You might be scratching your head thinking, how can I bring in clients or sell my products and services right now? Depending on your business, here are some helpful hints to make attraction marketing work.

5 Ways to Master Attraction Marketing 

  1. Build a relationship with your audience. That means engaging real time. Reply to Facebook comments. Pop in and add your thoughts in LinkedIn forums that make sense for your brand. People do business with people they like, know, and trust — and believe.
  2. Keep to the facts. Transparency is really important when it comes to building trust. Be accurate when explaining what your product does, and what it doesn’t do. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. You’ll build a bad reputation, and it’s hard to come back.
  3. Be real. Customers pay for brands that have authenticity without batting an eye. Think about Nike, Amazon and Apple. They’re all trusted to deliver what they promise. Switch your focus from selling to providing solutions. It’s not always about the products.
  4. Be a person not a marketer. Let your customers know that your product is something that’s making their life easier. Let’s say you have a product that helps with lead generation. Include a story about what a pain it used to be, until your product came along, and now your customer’s life is so much easier. People can’t buy unless they know!
  5. Choose the right marketing channels. Find one or two channels that make it easy to connect with your audience and prospects, and use them. Twitter or Instagram won’t work for long stories, but they’re perfect platforms if you use graphics and video to tell your story. Just be sure to match your audience to the platform. Twitter’s not for everyone.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Want a virtual presentation about Marketing in the New Normal for your business or association? Let me know. Reach out at  Talk tomorrow!