Today we’re talking about optimizing website forms to get the best conversions.

Here are some tips:

Push the value – what do viewers get when they give you their information? Make sure the value is clear and the offer is worthwhile

Keep it above the fold – As soon as someone lands on your page, they should see your form, no scrolling or searching for it

Keep it simple – Don’t ask for someone’s full address and phone number and horoscope sign! You get the idea. Filling out a form takes time and consumers are already leery about giving out their information

Make your button enticing. Think about it. If someone is on the fence about giving their information, “LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 15 DAYS” is way more exciting than “Submit.” Right?

And lastly, think mobile. Mobile traffic accounts for half of web traffic worldwide. Your website should already be optimized for mobile devices, but make sure your forms are too.

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