Looking to tap into nostalgia marketing for your next campaign? Tune in for some ideas.

With so many challenges today, more people are looking back at simpler times and buying accordingly. So, how do you use nostalgia marketing work to reach new audiences?

1. Reintroduction Through New Media

From movies to groceries, there are countless reboots and opportunities to tap into new platforms to reach new audiences. Here’s an example. General Mills reintroduced its Monster Mascots (think Count Chocula cereal) by tapping into platforms like Spotify. That’s where they launched a Monster Mash remix that showcased the rebooted cereal to a new generation, integrating the new and the old.

2. Nostalgia on Social Media

There’s no place to reminisce like on social media. Social listening tools like Sprout Social can help you discover and analyze online conversations when someone mentions your brand, allowing you to jump in on the topic, build connections, and share updates about your business.

3. Make a Comeback with Social Listening

Social listening can also help you tune into new conversations about old products, helping you learn what customers miss the most about your brand. If there’s a discontinued item that customers can’t stop mentioning, social listening can help you plan which products deserve a comeback. Remember Table Talk Pies? Well now there’s Table Talk Pumpkin Ale.

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