Website popups are so annoying right? Well they don’t have to be. If you keep them simple and relevant to the content someone’s viewing, they can be enticing. You’ll want to give your viewers an incentive — or what I call a legal bribe — in exchange for their email address, of course.

Next, don’t bombard consumers with a popup as soon as they enter your site. Try using a popup right before they leave your website. Another idea is to add a special offer with a popup after they’ve viewed at least 3-5 products or your services page.

Most importantly, make sure your popups aren’t intrusive to your visitor’s experience. The “X” should be visible and accessible, especially on mobile. If someone can’t close a popup, they’ll just leave your site. It’s off-putting, and gives people a bad impression. Plus, Google will ding you for it. Who wants that!

Now that you know the basic ins and outs of popups, why not give them a try? — I’d love to know how they work for you.

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