Do you know about In case you don’t, it’s a website you should know about, especially if you’re an expert or authority in your field.

Quota is an online platform, where people ask questions to experts and experts in turn, answer questions. Wikipedia adds “that users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers that have been submitted by other users”. Sounds simple and straight forward, but what are the benefits of using Quora?

First, almost any expert I know wants to gain recognition online, so it’s easy to hang out there and claim your spot as an authority. As with any platform, you have to engage often and not be salesy – in any way. Your job is to answer questions. One of the benefits of Quora, is that the person asking questions may like what you have to say and look you up for more information.

Second, as an expert, you can see what kind of questions are being asked so you can use those same questions for content, workshops, blogs, article titles, YouTube videos and more. But to make it even better, you can see who is asking the questions, and on a reverse note – use Quora as a lead generator. So, it works both ways.

Now, there’s even advertising on Quora. Quora offers advertisers the opportunity to build credibility in the eyes of a prospect and – gives you the ability to place your ad copy between nuggets of information that relate to your product or service.

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