If you’re a public speaker like me, you’re used to having a lavalier mic hooked onto you, but being mic’d up can be a little intimidating, especially after hearing horror stories of people saying something back stage that wasn’t meant to be heard — or worse, hearing the toilet flush.

So how do you wear a lavalier mic like a pro? Well first of all, make sure you turn it off when you aren’t on stage. Even then, just assume it’s always on. Think before you speak — or better yet be quiet, and again, stay out of bathrooms. Usually you won’t put on a mic until right before you speak anyway.

Placement is also important. Guys have it easy. Lavaliers are usually affixed to the lapel of a suit jacket or between the buttons of a shirt. Pretty straight forward. For ladies wearing a dress, mics can be clipped to your dress, near the top. Now, if you want to get professional, using moleskin to tape it to your skin near your sternum. That’s a Hollywood trick. Hey, if you don’t know where the sternum is, it’s in the center of your chest. If you’re reading show notes, here’s a link from Wikipedia to help you locate yours.

Next. Make sure you have a sound tech to help out and always double-check that your battery is fully charged, and that the volume is at the correct level before walking on stage. You don’t want to awkwardly unclip your transmitter to adjust these things, especially for us ladies who have them – err – under our clothing. Hopefully you’ve had a sound check to figure out these things ahead of time. If not, ask for one.

And last piece of advice? Just be you.

This is Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Are you ready to take your speaking career to a level that requires a microphone? We should talk about how to get you there and promote your expertise. Connect with me at RobinSamora.com. Talk tomorrow!