If you’re attending networking events and not getting valuable results and connections, you need to do a better job of working the room.

Here’s how:

Be confident. You’re an expert, so own it. Do a superman pose in the bathroom if you need to. Before you walk in, ok? Or make up a stage name and repeat it. Rockin’ Rebecca.  Rockin’ Ralph. Rockin’ Robin. You got this!

Keep your goals in mind when you’re having a conversation. You aren’t here for small talk with your buddies. You’re here to make connections and grow your network. Some chit chat is important to build rapport, but guide the conversation after a few minutes. So, have a purpose in mind before you walk in the room.

Next up, your body language. Let’s start with a firm handshake. It should fall somewhere between a wet noodle and WWE wrestler. Kidding , kind of. If you’re shaking hands, don’t squeeze too hard so someone yelps. And, look the person in the eye — otherwise you look shifty.

Then there’s the name game. I don’t know about you, but I’m awful at names. But I learned a few tricks at Dale Carnegie. Repeat people’s names when you meet them and remember something unique about them.

Lastly, you’re not here to make a sale, so don’t jump into sales mode. If someone asks for a business card, offer one. And if you take one, follow up right away. If you don’t, you lose a sense of urgency and maybe even forget why you were meeting.  Remember it sometimes takes up to nine connections to turn a prospect into a customer.  You’re here to meet people and create a network.

This is Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. Join in the conversation with me on social media. Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at RobinSamoraPR. Talk tomorrow.