BERT is the newest Google update, and it’s a big one. In short, Google now pays more attention to prepositions and looks at the importance of the relation of words within a search query. It’s a little technical, but let’s talk about how it’s going to affect your business.

In order to rank well with this roll out, you need high-quality super specific content. No more generalized titles like, “how to have a good website.” Instead write blogs about “how to use Yoast to optimize your webpages.”

Length isn’t important as long as the content is on point and isn’t stuffed with keywords.

Focus on long-tail search terms and answer the question quickly but fully. You want to write for Google. Play the game and you’ll be rewarded with better rankings and valuable traffic.

In the end you may lose some visitors, but the only traffic you’ll be losing are people who weren’t really searching for your content and probably wouldn’t have converted anyway.  So it’s a good thing, really.

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