Is pop-up marketing right for your brand? Before you make that decision, listen to a few tips.

Is Pop-Up Marketing Right for Your Brand?

Who would have thought that the term “pop-up” would be something fun and exciting and a welcome change from an ad that you don’t want to see. A pop-up experience is basically a limited opportunity for consumers to experience your brand. It’s like a now or never event that creates FOMO. It might not happen again or you might not have the same access so act now or miss out!

Have an online business and looking to have a live experience? Or maybe you have a storefront and want to test your online presence? A pop-up can be a great way to find out how your customers will react and engage with your brand.

3 Pop-up Marketing Must-Haves 

1. Where will your pop-up be located? While there are restrictions with the pandemic, a live pop-up event is still possible. You just have to work out the social distancing rules with the venue you’ve chosen.

2. Think about your end goal. Do you want create positive engagement with your customers beyond how they usually shop with you? Are you looking to create a buzz with a sense of urgency? Do you want to test something new online? Timing can boost the success of your event, especially if it’s around a high-traffic holiday.

3. Tie it all together with social media. Whether you’re doing a live event or one that’s virtual, tie everything that happens with the pop-up back to your company’s website and create a social media plan that supports it. Keep it simple, straightforward and be creative. Take a ton of photos and videos too

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