How are your business decisions affecting your potential customers?

In a society that’s into “green” thinking and protecting the environment, Coca-Cola is one of the worst offenders. At the end of January, it announced that it had no intention of stopping production of its single-use plastic bottles because it’s what their customer wants. People are in an uproar.

Some people question how such a large company like Coke doesn’t have to contribute to saving the planet from pollution. But, Coca-Cola said it will be working toward making all packaging 100 percent recyclable by 2025. That’s in five years.

Your small business may not be the leading plastic pollution creator in the world, but it makes you stop to think about how your business decisions are perceived by potential customers. How do your stances on social issues affect your bottom line?

About 20 percent of people polled said they really don’t care, they just want their Coke, but what about the other 80 percent? What do they think?

It’s important today to stand for what you believe in, and that includes issues that align with your company values. The truth is, you could be gaining or losing business because of it. Keep that in mind next time you decide to take a stance on something, especially if it’s against the majority or public opinion. Keep your eyes open to your audience and their interaction with their brand.

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