On Instagram and want to hide your number of likes? Here’s how to do it and some insight why they’re making the change.

Why Instagram is Hiding Likes and How to Do it 

It’s official. Instagram is now giving you the ability to hide “likes” so users can concentrate on feeling good about creating content instead of feeling anxious when a post isn’t popular. Why the change?

  • Instagram wants to take social validation away. Its new policy of letting you be in control of the app isn’t just a whim. They’ve been working closely with outside experts to create a more positive experience on the platform. Their goal is to empower more people on the platform and keep them happy and posting, without the pressure of how many likes they get.
  • How do you hide Instagram “likes”? If you want to hide your likes, it’s straightforward. Above your post, go to the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and hit then hit the “Hide Like Count.” If you want the ability to turn the “hide likes” on and off, you can do that in your settings.
  • What will the shift mean to viewers? Instagram and Facebook want you to spend more time on the app and feel good about the experience, so changing the way people see “likes” is a big deal. Some think it’s annoying, others think it’s a move in the right direction.

I think it’s about both. Improving the user experience, keeping people on the platform longer, and have them engage, without feeling bad or judged for their content. What’s bad to one is perfectly acceptable to another.

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