Want to be a guest expert on radio, TV or a podcast show? Listen to these 4 tips. 

Free publicity can save you tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s in your best interest to learn how to pitch a producer or blogger the right way. 

4 Key Elements of a Publicity Pitch  

1. Use a catchy headline. Drab doesn’t get you free publicityIf you’re not a wordsmith, put your title through an headline analyzer. You might be amazed! Here are a few to test drivethere’s one from CoScheduleSEOPressor blog title generatorand SUMO Kickass headline generator has one too.  You can also get inspiration from tabloids and trendy magazines (and unfortunately the nightly news). The point is to get attention. 

2.  Find the producer or booker. Radio shows with a huge following have a bunch of producers to book talent. For smaller podcasts with less reach, you’ll most likely contact the producer or the host directly. The important thing is to contact the right person, so do your homework.  

3.  Provide value not blah-blahA producer wants to be impressed and he or she should be. Iyou look and sound like an expert, and your online credibility says the same, you’re in the game. Producers and advertisers want their show to be interesting and to provide value. It’s not about you – it’s about the audience. What can you bring to the table? 

5.  Get in touch with the producer. Email works and so does social media. But, before you pitch, listen to on-air segments to see if there’s a fit. And don’t pitch a topic that’s just been covered. You’ll look like an amateur. Your job is to make it easy for a producer to say yes. 

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is low-cost marketing to help you grow your business. Check out my website at RobinSamora.com, then schedule a call. Talk soon!