Want to create a ripple effect by leveraging your press? Here’s how.

If you’re like any business owner, you know how important it is to get the biggest bang for your buck. And, that includes leveraging all the free publicity you worked so hard for.

5 Ways to Leverage Free PR and Get More Visibility

1. Showcase press on your website. One way to do that is by sharing the logos where you’ve been published. Create a homepage banner on your website which makes it easy for visitors to see. This may be static or rotate.

2. Create a media or newsroom page. This requires a bit more work as they’re additional pages to your website, but you can provide the press link to the outside source, which is also great for organic SEO and for backlinks to the media.

3. Add quotes on your About page. The About page is often the most visited page on a website, so if there are quotes from others you’d like to share that promote your brand and your expertise, go for it!

4. Include mention in your blog or newsletter. Third party endorsement and media coverage not only give you visibility, but add to your expert authority. Your audience wants to know that they’re working or considering to work with an expert, so don’t hold back. If you don’t toot your horn, no one will.

5. Don’t forget about your email signature. How many emails do you get a day? How many do you respond to? If you’re like me, tons! Use this opportunity to add a soft sell. Include a short quote, or as featured in, plus a logo. Looks impressive!

Share your success with others who want to be part of your success. Have investors? Definitely share the news to keep them abreast of what you’re doing and the wise investment they made.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute. My passion is low-cost marketing to help you grow your business. Check out my website at RobinSamora.com.  Talk soon!