Everyone is talking about TikTok. It looks to be the next big social platform. TikTok lets users make 15-second videos and it differs from typical stories on other social media because it has some pretty cool in-app editing tools. If you aren’t familiar with the app, if Instagram and Snapchat had a baby with video-editing capabilities, it would be TikTok.

TikTok was the most downloaded app in the Apple store Q1 of 2019 and in the world in September 2019. Right now, it has 80 million users in the US — so it could be worth it to be an early-ish adopter.

TikTok could be right for your business if your target market is a younger audience. We’re talking Gen Z, not millenials. So if girls 16-24 are your audience, then you should definitely think of using the platform. In fact, why not think ahead and seize it as an opportunity to start marketing to the next generation of consumers.

If your brand has a big personality, it will go over well on TikTok. The most popular videos are the ones that are a bit over the top, dramatic or funny. That said, it’s a very casual place that doesn’t focus on perfection. So have fun with it and be approachable.

TikTok is also a good place to experiment with the lighter or silly side of your brand. And some content you create here could be easily used on other platforms, especially Instagram stories.

If you’re in the music or entertainment business, you should definitely be using TikTok. It’s the perfect way to build hype around new music, artists, movies and events. The app is for content creators, so if you are one, or do promo for one, you should be there.

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