Do you have a lead magnet that’s putting tons of leads in your sales funnel? That’s great. But are they all staying at the top? An effective funnel slowly moves them down towards a purchase decision. If you’re struggling to convert, maybe your email sequence needs tweaking.

The first thing you want to do is send customers what they signed up for, whether it’s a whitepaper, PDF or a detailed infographic. Just make sure it’s valuable and interesting content, written to solve their problems. It also helps to include some sort of personalization in the initial email. Usually, adding the subscriber’s name will be fine.  At the bottom of the email you can include a few more resources.

A few days later send an email that talks about your company and what you do. Include your brand story, or at least a personal anecdote that gives you authority as an expert, but that’s authentic, creating interest in you. The goal of this email is get the reader interested in your brand, at the core level.

Wait a couple of days, then send the next email. In this message, you might offer links to articles, blogs or other resources that relate to the item in the first email, and again offer value. You aren’t selling anything — you’re still building trust.

You can get really fancy with drip campaigns by using behavioral mapping tools, which send people different email depending on actions they take on previous ones, but it’s not necessary, especially if you’re short on time and cash.

If you’re trying to keep it simple, after this sequence, you might send occasional emails — like weekly tips or information about events or specials you’re running. Continue to provide value, but add a CTA at the bottom of these emails to drive customers to purchase. How you do this depends on your brand and what products or services you sell.

In the end, you won’t have to “sell” anyone. Your subscribers will get to like, know and trust you, so when they’re ready to buy, you will be their number one choice.

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