Does your mind wander on phone calls, and do you get off track?

Be honest. Would you rather email someone or send a text, instead of picking up the phone? If it’s a friend you’re talking to, it’s easy. You can chit chat away. But for a business call, getting off track can be such a disaster.

So, what’s the solution?  Structuring your calls. It’s a template developed by The Humphrey Group in Toronto, and it makes perfect sense.

Here’s the 4-Part Template to Never Mess Up Your Phone Calls

  1. Build rapport from the get-go so you can get attention. Start with something personal. If you were reaching out to a videographer you haven’t spoken to in a while you might say. “It’s been such a long time since we spoke, but I wanted to call you because you’re the best in the business.”
  2. Next is your message, the lead idea. If you write it down, it may be clearer for you. If you waffle about your ‘ask’, you’ll sound like you have no idea why you called.
  3. Structure is the body of your call. Give one or two reasons for your ask. “I think I’m the perfect candidate for this promotion because of A, B and C.” Or tell them how you’ll do something. “I’d like to be a joint venture partner because we don’t compete, we share a similar audience, and I have 25,000 people on my list. Bingo!
  4. Your call-to-action should end the call. What are the next steps? What’s going to turn your message into reality. Sure, the other person has to agree, but if you use these steps, why wouldn’t they?

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing. Plan for success in everything that you do. And that includes your marketing. Have a question on how to make your marketing plan more effective? Reach out. I’m at  Talk tomorrow!