Are you up to date on the latest Pinterest stats? Did you know that Pinterest has 320 million monthly users, that 71% of its audience is female, and 80% of women use Pinterest to plan life moments?

If you have an audience that’s predominantly female and actively buys, look at adding Pinterest to your current marketing strategy, if you aren’t already. Create and share content that appeals to your target market, and drive traffic to a designated landing page or special offer.

Here are 6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business 

  1. Create pins that are engaging. Encourage people to “try” your products and services and let you know their results. The more clicks and comments you get, the more the Pinterest algorithm will boost your content, just like Facebook and other social media.
  2. Just like anywhere else, use a call-to-action. 80 percent of people who see your pin won’t interact with it if it doesn’t have a CTA. So create one. In fact, create a list and test to see which call-to-action performs the best.
  3. Every marketer should know their keywords. So use your keywords in your pins and on your boards. “Yum” might be a cutesy name for a board with recipes, but people are searching for the word “recipes,” “dinner,” etc. Write copy like you’re searching for a term in the Google search bar.
  4. Hashtags are now being used on Pinterest as well, though they aren’t very popular there yet. It doesn’t hurt to add a couple for search reasons, but don’t go crazy like you would on Instagram. Check out the hashtags for Pinterest page, linked here in the notes.
  5. And lastly, create various boards.  Some should align with your business and brand personality, and others that relate to your audience. Create a customer avatar and consider their interests. It makes your content more well-rounded and wholesome, and if someone clicks through to your profile, they see all of your “interests,” not just a bunch of pins for blogs.
  6. Try to spend a few minutes each day pinning OPP (other people’s pins) and include one pin of your own. If you don’t have time every day, focus on the weekends. Pins that are posted on Saturday and Sundays get the most traction, especially between 8 pm and 11 pm. You can also schedule your pins with automation tools like Buffer or Tailwind.

I’m Robin Samora with the Fast Marketing Minute.  Build a base of raving fans who love your business. Want ideas on which social platforms to use? Contact me at Talk tomorrow!