You can’t know everything about everything, and that includes social media, no matter what your age or industry.

Follow these 3 Rules of the Road for Customer Service on Social Media wo you’ll never go wrong:

Respond Quickly

Pay attention to customer comments, especially if there’s a complaint. Best responses times are usually 30 minutes or less in industries like high-tech, telecom and financial services. Customers, in general, have high expectations and are fickle, especially if they feel like they’re not being heard.

Ask Your Team for Help

Customers want to know the answers to their questions and problems ASAP, so don’t think you have to know it all. Ask your team for help because you can’t be an expert at everything, nor should you be. Once you make a connection outside your department, circle back to make sure the issue is resolved in a positive way.

Spread Good News (and Love)

Have happy customers? Don’t keep it a secret. Share those conversations, not just on social media, but internally too. Everyone likes to hear good news, and if you had a hand in the satisfaction process, that’s great feedback. This isn’t about “tooting your own horn,” it’s a collaborative effort to give a high-five to the team who was involved.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. Have a burning question? Pick up the phone and ask. You can reach me at Just mention, Fast Marketing Minute so I can thank Alexa. Talk tomorrow!