If you’re not familiar with best times to post on social media, there are tons of tools that can guide you. Auto-schedulers like Hootsuite or Buffer are good reference sites, and you can research even deeper depending on your particular audience. Test out what’s been working for you too. Even if you’re an expert, there’s always room for improvement.

You also want to post often enough for your audience to see. When you build a brand, you need great content, consistency, plus frequency. Without all three, you’ll lose a good percentage of your potential followers.

Depending on the platform, post a minimum of 3 – 10 times a week on each channel. That’s a wild card answer in a way, because it really depends on your business, but if you post on five platforms and feel stretched, you probably won’t keep up the pace. Choose two or three that you enjoy, and go for it. For some industries, LinkedIn and Facebook are best, but for others, Instagram is the rage. Do your homework and hit up Google for stats (and ideas).

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