Let’s face it. Social media posts can get boring if you don’t put a little zip in them. Zip for social media can mean creating graphics, adding video, and changing things up, often. One tool I love to create social media graphics with is Canva. With 10 million users strong, you’ll love their user-friendly platform. You can design images, covers for your social media pages, infographics, quotes and more. Depending on the platform you’re using, and the look and feel you’re after, there are ton of other options too, like DesignWizard, PiktochartBefunkyPixlrPablo and Lumen5

Social media graphics are an extension of your social brand and connect your target audience with your business, products and services. If you DIY, or hire a freelancer, make sure your graphics are consistent with your brand guidelines (color, fonts, style) as well as your brand personality (voice, tone, message). The point is, when someone sees your brand online, you want them to know it’s you.

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