Want to Grab Your Customer’s Attention with Guerilla Marketing Strategies? Let’s look at three.

Ever think about a pop-up store as a fun and innovative way to get fast exposure? Ask a local business if you can set it up in front of or in their store, or purchase booth space at a popular local event. Bring only your best, favorite products (not your entire inventory), and think about including items that customers can’t normally get at your location to create FOMO, fear of missing out.

Create a geocache in front of your retail location. What’s geocaching? It’s basically a treasure hunt. A cache can be anything from a tube with a note to a large box with trinkets inside that people have left for you to find. Creating a cache is easy once you download the app.  You have to pay a membership fee of about $30 a year, but it could be a worthwhile investment, especially if you get a lot of traffic.

Geo-fencing marketing uses your phone’s GPS to give exclusive content based on your location and ad campaign. It’s incredibly affordable, effective, and easy to do. If you were an auto dealer, you could set up a geofence aimed at pinging buyers at a competing dealership. The more locally targeted your message, the better, especially if that’s where your customers are.

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