Today we’re going to talk about three simple strategies to get free publicity. Here’s the first. Do you have a product launch or news to share that will give you a leg up on your competition? Look at what’s coming up at your company and hand pick industry media.  Before you reach out, ask yourself “who cares” or “so what” and find an answer that helps a journalist, be excited to learn more.

Second. Social media leads to more business and publicity that’s worth thousands. It’s free to create a profile page on just about every social media platform, so find the platforms that align with your target market and be consistent posting. Stay on brand but show that you’re human. It’s ok to be transparent.

And third, aim to go viral. Look at sources like and to see what’s trending. There are 100’s of other feeds from Mashable to the Wall Street Journal. Pick a few platforms and monitor them daily. Share your point of view.

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. What are you doing to get free publicity? Contact me at and let’s get you a free PR evaluation. Talk tomorrow!