Today, let’s talk about LinkedIn. Do you connect with everyone who comes across your screen? Or are you more picky?

More connections on LinkedIn builds your credibility and social equity. But too many will make you look spammy and in a way — it’s dangerous to let just ‘anyone’ into your network.

I don’t know about you, but I get a random request from some unknown prince or entrepreneur without a picture at least once per week. One thing is for sure. That’s not a connection I’m willing to make.

Here’s my thought. LinkedIn is about quality, not quantity. Start with a network of people you actually know. That would be your colleagues, former coworkers and other people you actually know professionally.

Then, branch out by adding new connections. Start out with 2nd degree connections or ask your 1st degree connections for an introduction to someone you’d like to meet in their networks. Someone who would be an asset to your followers or who could help you professionally.

If you get a random request, see who you have in common. Unless it’s obvious spam, accepting the request is usually fine. But always do your homework.

Now, if you’re part of a speaking panel or webinar series, you have every right to reach out and make a connection. You’re professional colleagues with an event in common.

That said, don’t go out there requesting to connect with every person on the people-you-may-know list. Use search filters to zero-in on your target market and pick a few to connect with. And be sure to include a customized message in your request.

I’m Robin Samora host of the Fast Marketing Minute. If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn, shoot me a request. I’m at I’d love to add you to my network. Talk tomorrow.