Besides offering a newsletter or some other kind of legal bribe, what are some other ways to collect someone’s email address?

We all want a robust mailing list. So how do we collect emails?

4 Ways to Collect Email Addresses

1. Incorporate a squeeze page. Think of it like a preview page. Show just enough of premium content to whet their appetite but require an email address before they can read it all. Squeeze pages work really well when your primary source of traffic is organic.

2. Capture sidebars are another way to grab emails. These are forms built into the main landing page as sidebars promoting a free offer. The drawback is that sometimes prospects will just take the free offer and pass on buying your product or service.

3. Add a pop-under. Pop-unders are like pop-ups but only appear when a prospect leaves your landing page without buying. “Don’t go yet, you haven’t signed up for your free gift.” Unfortunately, pop-up blocking software will also block pop-unders. So they may or may not work.

4. Create a floater. Ever visit a page and a sign-up window is hovering in front of what you wanted to see? That’s a floater. Fill in the requested information and it disappears. Pop-up blocking software doesn’t hide it, but Google doesn’t like it. If you use floaters there’ always a chance it could hurt your organic search results.

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