It’s the holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than by thanking your clients for a successful year. You can send a simple holiday card or a small gift – like a bottle of their favorite wine or a batch of homemade cookies with their logo on it. That shows that you care.

For bigger clients, you might want to treat them to lunch or a special night out. Or maybe host an open house and invite your family, friends and clients to mingle and celebrate. Let your clients meet your inner circle. That’s all part of building like, know and trust.

You can show your customers that you appreciate them all year too by offering them exclusive discounts or opportunities to special events.

I’m not talking about the “get 10% off everything today through forever” that you may get from Kohl’s on a daily basis. Give them first dibs on a hot, new product or service. Or your new book that’s coming out in a few months. Then, there are events, concerts, hot ticket items and hard to get seats that will please even the pickiest customer.

Saying a genuine “thank you” every day, and especially on the holidays, can go a long way.

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To me, connecting on a personal level makes the biggest difference. Thanks for listening to #FastMarketingMinute. I’m happy you’re here. Talk tomorrow!