Everyone in business wants to grow their business, right? I mean it’s a no brainer. But we all stress so much to beat the competition, do more, be more, all at the quickest speed possible. But what if we could make it easier for ourselves and our business to be better and improve every single day.

Do you know about the 1% factor?

As a recovering perfectionist, I want to grow my business, as fast as I can and grow my expertise too. But the truth is, you can only put so much in your head at one time – and if you overload, you’ll explode. I know, I’ve been there and from time to time, my brain really hurts!

What would happen if you improved 1% everyday. Tweak one action item. Call 5 more prospects than last week. Add content to your editorial calendar – not just for a week, but for two weeks. Actually, listen to a webinar that you signed up for. Take those notes from a seminar and actually implement 2 tactics a week.

I happen to love to learn and grow. I’m inspired by what’s going on in my industry and how I can be a better marketer – and also help people, while enjoying a big, bold, and juicy life!

If you start today and make a commitment to improve just 1% a day, you’ll be on a steady course to improve.  I challenge you to improve 1% every day. I’ve jumped on the brand wagon, you?

I’m Robin Samora, host of Fast Marketing Minute. You be the expert you are and let me help you with what I’ve been doing for over two decades. Contact me at RobinSamora.com to talk about improving your business.